The Diocesan Bank of Food Guadalajara,

He was born in 1991, when Mr. Ricardo Bon Echavarría, Mr. Everardo Cornejo Padilla (Finado) and Mr. Luis Adolfo Orozco Fernández observed the amount of food that was wasted daily in the Food Market.

With the support of the Union of Merchants of the Supply Market (UCMA) and Cáritas de Guadalajara, gave way to all these foods, to get them strictly to people who for some justified reason can not get them by themselves.

We are the first Bank of its kind in Mexico, and its operation has inspired the creation of more than 58 similar institutions in equal number of cities.

Our Vision

Rescue more and better food for the brothers in need, promoting their self-sufficiency.

Our Mission

Liberate from food poverty 10% of our beneficiaries (annually); Reaching the goal of 50,000 people in the next 5 years. This is through fostering their personal and community development, making alliances with other organizations.

Our Values

Love to the neighbor


To the reduction of food poverty in the State of Jalisco, through the rescue of food in good condition, which can no longer be commercialized, distributing it among low-income families.

With the institutional Mission through an operational model that allows the self-financing of the Food Bank.

To the human and material development of the beneficiaries through projects that improve their productive capacities and strengthen the values related to solidarity and cooperation.