The objective of the program is to promote solidarity in favor of the most vulnerable segments of Jalisco society, in order to establish, maintain and increase a self-financing model of social assistance with a human sense.Since 2004, a number of families who benefited from the traditional food assistance program, who could not cover the minimum recovery rate due to their poverty and social vulnerability, were found to be deserted.

The Board of Directors of the BDA decided to develop a strategy to provide 100% subsidized pantries, which materialized thanks to an 8-year-old television program broadcast on the television channel María Visión.



With only $ 300.00 a family will receive an average of 50kg of food / one month. You can also cover the amount of one semester in the amount of $ 1,800.00

This is possible because the public donation is used to rescue food, process it and take it to needy families.The monthly endowment is 2 monthly pantries / six months.

When making your donation, you will receive a card with information about the family you sponsored.


The UM model has three partners: the food donor, the money donor and the BDA. The first provides the food, the second means to collect it, process it and distribute it and the BDA infrastructure, equipment and staff to manage the donations and bring them to their recipients.

1 A socio-economic study is applied to all beneficiaries.

2 Each pantry integrates 60% with fruit and vegetables, 40% with cereals, dairy products and other industrialized products.

3 The pantry is delivered to the neighborhood or location where the beneficiary resides.

4 The staff of the BDA registers and assures the delivery of the pantries to the beneficiaries.



  • Bancomer / 0480300543 Suc. 1028 CLABE 012320004803005439
  • Banorte    / 0112079659 Suc. 1526 CLABE 072320001120796590
  • Both accounts on behalf of the Diocesan Food Bank Guadalajara A.C.


Monday to Friday from 8: 00-16: 30 hours
Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Telephone line

  • 01800 0446464
  • (33) 38122244
  • (33) 38113500